A deeply heartfelt thank you to all of our interviewees of the first and second generation. Without the contemporary witnesses in Germany, Great Britain and Israel and their willingness to share their stories, this project could not have been carried out. The pictures and documents provided to us by the witnesses or their families were the most important sources for the exhibition.
We would like to thank:
Sarah Amiram
Kenneth Appel
Naftali Bezem
Walter Braun
David Ellis
Yehoshua Fink
Henrietta Franks
Marga Goren
Hannelore Göttling-Jakoby
Henry Gruen
Charles Hannam
Shmuel Hatsor
Monique und Theo Joseph
Feodore Kahn
Margot Kidron
Werner Lachs
Ian Karten
Ernest Kolman
Familie Marchand
Chawa Markowitz
Eric Marx and Yehudit Priva
Kurt Marx
Ernest and Naomi Meyer
Walter Michel
Liesl Munden
Yael Nemenoff
Siegbert Prawer
Siggy Reichenstein
Lore Robinson
Dora Scheinowitz
Susie Shipman
Margot Showman
Mordechai and Ruth Vered
Hans Walter
Karla Yaron
Familie Zickel
Many thanks to the working group and association of the Jawne Learning and Memorial Centre and to helpful friends and colleagues at home or abroad. As representatives for all those who provided help and advice we wish to acknowledge:
Cornelia Baddack, Barbara Becker-Jákli, Jennifer Craig-Norton, Klaus Dönecke, Samuel Feinsod, Karola Fings, Angela Genger, Timo Glatz, Monika Grübel, Andrea Hammel, Elizabeth Heineman, Lior Herchkovitz, Hildegard Jakobs, Andreas Jordan, Agnieszka Juraszczyk, Ralph Klein, Philine Lissner, Jörg Löwenstein, Dorothee Lottmann-Käseler, Nina Matuszewski, Regina Mentner, Claire Merkord, Wojciech Olejniczak, Lothar und Malgorzata Quinkenstein, Wolfgang Richter, Tanja Ronen, Thomas Roth, Andrea Scheunert, Stephan Stracke, Martina Strehlen, Leon Wilmanns, Sabine Würich.

Special thanks to the following archives and research institutions:
Arbeitskreis der NS-Gedenkstätten und -Erinnerungsorte in NRW e.V.; Bundesarchiv Berlin; Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem; FU Berlin/Visual History Archive; Germania Judaica, Köln; Ghetto Fighters’ House Archives, Israel; Imperial War Museum, London; Instytut Pamięci Narodowej, Warschau and Poznan; Jüdisches Museum Berlin; Landesarchiv NRW; National Archives UK; University of Southampton/Hartley Library; Wiener Library, London; Yad Vashem, Jerusalem; as well as to the memorial centres and archives in North Rhine Westphalia which helped us with our research.

For sponsoring the online exhibition we would like to thank the Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung NRW.