The Journey to England


gulliemots Then it was time to leave. Parents had been asked not to come along to the station; however my parents came with me all the same. I knew that I would never see my parents again; I had that very strong feeling in me. The train didn’t leave until the evening. In Holland, a boy called Ehrmann got on the train and came into our compartment. I was with him when we boarded the ship in the freezing night. Everything was very exciting. We had to gather on deck and then we were counted; everyone got a label like the ones you tie on parcels. Before we disembarked in England, a doctor came on board and examined us. Then we took the train on to London.



Ernest Kolman (Ernst Kohlmann) about the first Jawne transport in January 1939 *

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* Ernest Kolman (formerly Ernst Kohlmann) about the first Jawne transport in January 1939, in: Dieter Corbach, Die Jawne zu Köln. Zur Geschichte des ersten jüdischen Gymnasiums im Rheinland und zum Gedächtnis an Erich Klibansky, 1900-1942, Köln 1990, p. 184.

Passport of Ernst Kohlmann.

Each child was given such a tag with a number on it.