Youth Aliyah


Within the first weeks , members of Polish and international Jewish organisations in Zbąszyń had started to organise extensive assistance for the people who had been deported from Germany. Great efforts were made to bring children and young people out of Poland. Apart from the Kindertransports, the Youth Aliyah played an important role in that process. Founded by Recha Freyer, this rescue organisation had the particular aim of rescuing unaccompanied children and sending them to Palestine.
However there were also various Zionist youth movements in Germany and Europe which were organising some occasionally very dangerous voyages where their members travelled from different European ports to Palestine. The number of young people able to leave Zbąszyń for the British Mandate of Palestine was much bigger than the number of children who got to Britain from there on a Kindertransport.
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The first group of Youth Aliyah on their way to kibbutz Ein Harod, 1934. Zoltan Kluger – National Photo Collection [1] ,serial#-005004 , photo code-D842-065

Picture above: Courtesy of Yael Nemenoff.