A Kindertransport from Cologne


On 17 January 1939, a Kindertransport left Cologne for the Hook of Holland. In the train was the first group of pupils from the Jawne Jewish Reform Grammar School in Cologne. The head teacher of the Jawne School, Dr Erich Klibansky, wanted to bring his school to safety in England, class by class. The children in the train were fourth-formers and were accompanied by their teacher, a young rabbi from Bonn, Dr Rudolf Seligsohn, and his wife Gerda. After arriving in London, the group moved into a hostel in the Cricklewood area at the address 1 Minster Road.
Some of the children from 1 Minster Road continued to keep in touch even as adults, linked by their shared memories.
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The Jawne form with their carers and the housekeeper at 1 Minster Road, presumably spring 1939. Photo credit: Courtesy of Ernest Kolman, London.

Picture above: Watercolour The last goodbye by Ernst Meyer (detail). Credit: Courtesy of Ernie Meyer.