Children depart 5.13 pm

“Children depart 5.13 pm” explores the stories of former child refugees from Nazi Germany, many of whom being rescued by a so-called Kindertransport, via first-hand testimonies. The chapter “Life Stories” is about individual experiences of flight and exile, school classes reaching safety together before parting ways, about the fate of relatives left behind in Germany or Poland – and last but not least it is about memory itself. A part of the historic pictures and documents and many of the interviews you can read or listen to here were collected between 2009 and 2013 by project group “Kindertransporte”, a part of the Jawne Memorial and Educational Centre.
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In January 1939, a whole class from Cologne was rescued to England. Pictured are the children with their carers Dr. Rudolf and Gerda Seligsohn.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Ernest Kolman, London.